The Journey of good to great organization

March 27, 2023
great organization

Time is changing; Some past decades were good for the Indian Economy. As our economy is on the right set of the path, we can surely say that India is going to rule the world. In short, after seeing too harsh years, India is growing rapidly. This time is an opportunity to become a great organization from a good organization. Now, many organizations is believing that if you failed at any effort or trying something new, that doesn’t mean you would never succeed. Other than getting successful or not, many organization hold their reputation just with honesty and their long-term goal.

The direction of any company totally depends upon the attitude of its management towards work and work culture. If any company’s goal is to become a better organization, then employees are motivated and satisfied with the great organization’s objectives.

To become a good to a great organization, The world-famous author and scholar of the management world, Jim Collins had done research on more than 500 organizations. After a deep dive into these 500 organizations, he selected 11 companies among them and did more research about them. According to Jim Collins, these 11 organizations have created an outstanding atmosphere in their working space and ranked among the best in the world.

Let’s learn to develop great organization from the research finding of Jim Collins.

To develop a great organization, these three simple ways will make you understand the clear picture.

  1. What’s the end goal of your organization?
  2. What is the best thing in your organization that you contribute to the world?
  3. One thing in your organization that make your company profitable continuously.

According to Jim Collins, every organization should emphasize on finding something new that brings development in the long run. And the development ultimately leads to making your organization even more profitable. The company should not always keep its focus on its goals and strategy. The real meaning behind saying this is, that you should know, what you’re having the best and give you the best thing to the world. If you do this, no one can beat your organization for your best.

If you can’t show your best in your business, then believe you can never make a great organization. So for that bringing the best on the table is the first and foremost priority of your business and it should also be in your long-term business goals.

If you can’t give the ‘Best in the World’ then it will be difficult to become a great organization. If your organization is giving the best services in the market, then only you can achieve the same goal.

To become good to great, we should focus on continuous improvement rather than focusing on the market and its competition. Through continuous improvement, the organizational profit will increase steadily, and it will ultimately make a healthy and good environment in your organization and your human resources will work more efficiently.

One more thing to become good to great: Don’t make Joint Ventures by seeing cutthroat competition. Never take an unnecessary step that doesn’t fit your organization. In the end, your efforts will be concentrated only on unnecessary things and it will adversely affect your main business. Sometimes you have to let go of Big Opportunities if you want to focus on which you’re the best. This seems weird but where you’re an expert, you need to focus on that.

When your organization makes the budget, at that time you should allocate fix amount of finance for specific activities. And should also focus on how and from where we can generate more finance or revenue.

Try all this advice, there are possibilities that some of these points will surely be going to work for you. Let’s start our journey of GOOD TO GREAT.

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