Smart Contract Development

As a leading and growing company in blockchain solution, we offer first-class Ethereum smart contract development. The Ethereum network allows us to build extremely customizable digital contract, which will redefine your business.


What are Smart Contract?

Nick Szabo, who came up with the notion in 1994, is the creator of smart contracts. He used blockchain's maturation to automate customer contracts. Smart contracts are blockchain-based machines that have been designed with rules.


The regulations would be the provisions found in a standard legal contract. On the other hand, Smart contracts would automatically record and check the rules.


How Will Smart Contracts Affect Customer Service?

The performance of the parties under the agreements is independent of one another. Additionally, they are not need to retain attorneys in order to request compensation if the terms are broken. In the event of a breach, smart contracts immediately put the settlement arrangement agreed upon by both parties into effect.

However, smart contracts influence on customer service goes beyond simply displacing conventional contracts. In a more general sense, all blockchain transactions are regarded as smart contracts. Transactions must be seen as more than money transactions in order to provide excellent customer service.


Features That Make Hyperledger Reliable For Enterprises


All documents kept on the blockchain are duplicated many times; Thus, the restoration of originals in the event of data loss.


Smart contracts are encrypted, and cryptography protects all of the papers from being tampered with.


Smart contracts use computer protocols to automate tasks and save hours in various business processes.


Smart contracts eliminate errors that occur due to manual filling out of several forms.

Our Smart Contract Development Services

Being a leading smart contract development company, Rain Infotech helps enterprises achieve business automation by providing them with advanced smart contract development services.

Smart Contract Architecture

Our smart contract application development team adopts resilient smart contract design principles to assure the quality of the code.

Smart Contract Development

We create cutting-edge self-executing custom smart contracts with a wide range of features for a variety of industries.

Smart Contract Audit

We offer meticulous smart contract audit services to help organizations in correcting smart contract code and perform security audits from the bottom up.

Smart Contract Optimization

Our qualified smart contract developers optimize smart contracts using optimization approaches that not only lower the average gas charge but also minimize the computing resource requirements.

Industries Areas of Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts self-executing nature makes them an effective tool for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. Over the past few years, Rain Infotech has served a global clientele from many industry verticals as a trusted smart contract creation company.



Blockchain can store the private health records of patients with an encryption key. Due to security considerations, the records would only be accessible to specific individuals. Smart contracts can also be used to conduct research in a private and secure manner.

All patient hospital receipts can be recorded on the blockchain and shared with insurance companies as proof of service automatically. Furthermore, the ledger can be used for a variety of tasks, including inventory management, drug monitoring, and regulatory compliance.



Don't you get frustrated when you attempt to send money and have to pay a fee, pay a percentage of the amount you spend, and then wait a few days for the transaction to be processed? Even while the modern banking system functions very well, its flaws are difficult to ignore.

Smart contracts do not necessitate the use of any middlemen. As a result, you will not be charged additional fees. Transactions become quick and inexpensive since there is no bureaucracy involved. Furthermore, the blockchain's assured transparency decreases the possibility of fraud.


Financial services

Smart contracts help in the evolution of traditional financial services. When it comes to insurance claims, they verify for errors, route them, and then send cash to the user if everything checks up.

Smart contracts include essential bookkeeping capabilities and eliminate the chance of accounting records being tampered with. They also allow shareholders to participate in transparent decision-making. They also assist in trade clearing, which is the process of transferring payments after the amounts of trade agreements have been computed.



If you are damaged in a small vehicle accident, the first thing that comes to mind is paying your insurance. If the accident was not your fault, you should expect the party who caused it to pay for the repairs. But what if this person claims that they are not to blame? Your chances of receiving a refund are bleak.

You would have no reason to be concerned if the car was equipped with an IoT device that reported its location, speed, and accident time. If you're right, the blockchain's data will back you up, and you'll get paid automatically.


Government voting system

Smart contracts create a positive environment making the voting system less susceptible to manipulation. Votes using smart contract votes would be ledger-protected, Which is very difficult to interpret.

However, smart contracts have the potential to raise voter turnout, which has historically been low due to an inefficient system that requires voters to queue, show identification, and fill out forms. It can increase the number of participants in a voting system when it is transferred online using smart contracts.


Why Engage Us For Smart Contract Development?

We provide a wide range of post-delivery services and try to focus on customized products for your target audience so you may concentrate on your growth.










Skilled Team


Depending on the project and the smart contract's complexity, the duration may be shorter or longer. We are devoted to completing the project as quickly as possible for the customer by using the best technology, processes, and staff. Some jobs can be finished in 3-5 business days.

Before deciding on a Blockchain platform for smart contract creation, you should learn about the protocol's technology, overall speed, execution cost, storage cost, traceability, attack security quotient, compliance, and token economics. Given the aforementioned considerations, the following are some common platforms for smart contract development: • Polka dot • Solana • Cardano • Polygon • Ethereum • Binance Smart Chain

Let's imagine Jack wants to buy Ruby's house and the two agree to a smart contract on the blockchain. The smart contract contains and therefore constitutes a contract between the two parties. "WHEN Jack pays Steve 300 Ether (a cryptocurrency), THEN Jack will gain ownership of the house," the agreement will declare in simple terms.
When Jack makes the required amount, the house "disappears" from Ruby's account and appears in Jack's. As previously stated, once a contract is in place, it cannot be modified, therefore Jack can feel secure in paying Ruby the cryptocurrency for the house.
In this situation, both Jack and Ruby save money by avoiding third-party costs such as those charged by banks, lawyers, and brokers.

Each smart contract's price is determined by its size and complexity. We are committed to providing consumers with the most cost-effective Smart Contract review services possible.

It may be difficult to write smart contracts on Ethereum. As a result, for your convenience, you should choose an expert Ethereum smart contract creation company.