Today's market scenario demands flexibility in every aspect. That's the reason Rain Infotech provides multiple engagement models for your varying situations.

Rain Infotech provides various flexible outsourcing models to its client that suits their requirement specifically. All these models are followed by most outsourcing companies, but Rain Infotech has added some of its own advantages.


We offer mainly five Business Model

Rain Infotech is helping businesses to adopt new technologies to stay ahead of change. We are driven by the desire to identify and seize disruption-related opportunities in order to produce transformational results for a new decentralized digital world.

Fixed price project
Hire dedicated resources
Hourly resoureces
Maintenance & support
Become partner or alliance

Fixed price project

The Fixed Rate model will freeze all components of the application. We commit our resources to the project for a set period of time, with a set scope of work and a set budget. We break down the project into milestones, providing you with an in-depth look at the overall plan.

To complete the project, we use a professional project management procedure called Agile Scrum. To complete fixed-price contracts, we often use a variety of project management, communication, issue tracking, and source code management technologies. Also, while the project is in development, we give our server so that the client may see the progress.

Your requirements
Discover Phase
Requirement Specification
Proposal & setting the price & timeline
Sign Agreement
Start product development
Release the product


  • Small-scale online and mobile projects yield the best results.
  • This model is appropriate when the client has a detailed requirement document.
  • Before the start of the project, a detailed project plan is laid out.
  • Advantage of single bulk pricing
  • Change requests are handled properly.
  • Timely completion of the project as decided initially.

Hire Dedicated Resources

Hire dedicated resources to focus on specific tasks for the client across several projects. The client can handle the resources directly. This strategy is best for clients who have multiple projects at hand and know what they want to get out of their resources. We can provide resources on various technologies including Solidity, Ethereum, Blockchain, Chaincode, Hyperledger, NextJs, ReactJs, NodeJs, Android, and iOS.



  • Clients have the option of directing the resources.
  • Team of high-quality resources.
  • Direct communication between the client and the resources.
  • Scheme for hourly payments.
  • It's ideal for large-scale projects.
  • To help with the emergency, hire more people.

Time and Material Pricing

The Time & Material approach is becoming popular since it gives you greater control over the project's development and cost. This model is utilized when there isn't a whole vision of the final product and the project details. The project is broken down into small phases, each of which is executed one at a time.


  • Budget flexibility and little risk for both parties.
  • The benefit of molding project objectives at any stage of the project.
  • The client has complete control over the situation.
  • Advantage of single bulk pricing.
  • Perfect for large-scale projects when the final output can’t be predicted.
  • There is no need to finalize criteria before getting started.

Maintenance and support contract

Team as Rain Infotech has already deployed more than 200 apps in cloud. So, if you're searching for a partner to support and maintain your managed cloud, we can help. Your cloud server must be monitored to ensure optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. There are numerous tools available from various server providers, including cloudwatch from AWS and equivalent products from Azure and Google Cloud.

As a result, it will be our job to set up those instruments as well as additional monitoring tools like new relic, etc. Additionally, we will set up various alarms for your cloud server and constantly monitor them to ensure they are functioning properly. According to client needs, support and maintenance will also include some bug fixing, report generation, etc.



  • We'll make sure that resources are used properly.
  • It will assist the client in decreasing costs and improving application performance.
  • A deep understanding of cloud servers helps clients resolve problems fast.
  • Enhance application availability and decrease downtime.
  • Boost satisfaction and user/customer experience.

Partner or Alliance with us

This engagement strategy is specially intended to draw like-minded salespeople or businesses with solid client in their local region or nation. The business concept is fairly straightforward; partners bring business from their home regions, and we carry it out at our development center in India. As mutually and legally agreed, we shall distribute profits to partners.

This strategy has given us the opportunity to reach out to more nations and regions while also giving us the chance to better service our customers. We want to reassure our partner or alliance that we will always look out for your interests and never compromise them for our benefit. Additionally, we are open to collaboration on product development.