How Can A DeFi Token Be Listed On Uniswap?

March 10, 2023
how can a defi token be listed on uniswap

What Is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It was launched in November 2018, and it allows users to trade Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens without the need for intermediaries such as traditional exchanges or banks.

Uniswap uses an automated market maker (AMM) model, which means that trades are executed using smart contracts that hold pools of tokens rather than relying on order books. This allows users to trade tokens without needing to match buyers and sellers. Instead, users can trade against the liquidity pool, which is created by other users who deposit their tokens into the pool in exchange for a share of the trading fees.

It has become a popular platform for trading ERC-20 tokens, and it has been responsible for a significant amount of the trading volume in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Additionally, this has its own governance token called UNI that enables users to take part in platform decision-making.

It is also among the greatest DeFi projects. It works as an open-source platform and utilizes token pools to set prices without charging platform or listing costs.



How Does Uniswap Work?

Uniswap determines token prices and conducts trades using an automated market maker (AMM) system. Let’s appear at how they do their work:

      • Pools Creation: It allows anyone to create a liquidity pool by depositing an equal value of two different ERC-20 tokens. For example, if you want to create a pool for trading ETH and DAI, you would need to deposit an equal value of both tokens.

        • Pricing Mechanism: Once a pool is created, Uniswap uses a mathematical formula to determine the exchange rate between the two tokens. This is done through an automated market maker mechanism, which ensures that the price of the tokens is always determined by the ratio of the tokens in the pool.

          • Trading: Users can then trade between the two tokens in the pool. When a trade is made, the amount of one token in the pool decreases while the amount of the other token increases, according to the exchange rate determined by the AMM.

            • Liquidity Providers Rewards: Liquidity providers who deposit tokens into a pool earn a portion of the trading fees collected by the exchange. This incentivizes users to provide liquidity to the exchange and helps ensure there is enough liquidity to support trading activity.

              • Decentralized: Since Uniswap is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is decentralized and operates without a central authority or control. This means that anyone can use the platform, and it is not subject to the same restrictions as centralized exchanges.



            How Can A Defi Token Be Listed On Uniswap?

            There are a few requirements that you must take care of before you can list your DeFi token on Uniswap:

              • Deploy your ERC20 token contract on the Ethereum main network

              • Your MetaMask wallet with your ERC20 tokens

              The steps for listing DeFi token on Uniswap are as follows:


                • Create an Exchange:

                To begin with, you must set up an exchange so that it is informed of your token. To create an exchange, you can do the following:

                Step 1: Go to The screen will appear.

                Step 2: Set up a connection to your MetaMask Wallet.

                If you don’t already have MetaMask installed, it will offer you a variety of additional options for connecting a wallet and ask you to do so.

                Step 3: At the top right corner of the screen, click the “Pool” option.

                Step 4: Select “Create Exchange

                Step 5: Press the “Select a Token” option.

                Step 6: In the “Search Name or Address” field, type in your token address. Select your token now from the dropdown options. 

                Step 7: Click on the “Create Exchange” option.

                Step 8: There will be a pop-up. Click “Confirm” from the options.


                  • Add Liquidity:

                  Now that you have built an exchange for your tokens, it is time you should add liquidity. Both your own token and ETH must be deposited. The cost will be determined by the number of tokens you deposit. 

                  Step 1: On the same screen, select “Add Liquidity” from the dropdown option.

                  Step 2: Insert the appropriate amount of ETH to deposit.

                  Step 3: Now select the “Select a Token” option.

                  Step 4: Select your token from the dropdown and enter your token address in the “Token Address” field.

                  Step 5: Select “Unlock” from the options. It is put next to the token symbol.

                  Step 6: The pop-up will show; click “Confirm” to click your acts. Your transaction will be confirmed.

                  Step 7: Enter the number of your tokens you want to deposit now in the same manner. Check the estimated exchange rate carefully.

                  Step 8: Choose “Add Liquidity” from the list now, and when the confirmation pop-up appears, click it.


                  Advantages Of Uniswap:

                  In comparison to the old crypto exchanges, Uniswap offers a multitude of benefits that make it the better choice. These include:

                  advantages of Uniswap

                      1. Anonymity:

                    Uniswap offers anonymity, which implies that you don’t need to reveal your identity to trade tokens because AMM procedures are permissionless. You can conduct peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions directly from your wallet. Because of this, your public wallet address is the entire identification needed.

                        1. Security:

                      It provides the highest level of security. The protocol doesn’t hold any funds because it’s non-custodial. Even so, it is more trustworthy because it has been through many teams of smart contract audits.

                          1. Trustlessness:

                        As per the previous discussions, the uniswap protocol is non-custodial. There are no intermediaries, and it does not hold any funds. As a result, all of your transactions are made using your wallets. 

                            • Tokens

                            • Private Keys

                              1. New Tokens:

                            Users of Uniswap have instant trading access to new tokens. To provide liquidity for new pools, users can create an ERC20 token and pair it with ETH.

                                1. Low Fees:

                              Uniswap does not charge platform or listing fees for its users because it was not built with the intention of making money. It only costs 0.3% of every trade, which is extremely low when compared to other protocols or centralized exchanges.

                                  1. Open source:

                                Additionally, because Uniswap is entirely open source, anyone can copy the technology to build their own decentralized trades.



                                An incredibly innovative Ethereum-based protocol called Uniswap allows token exchanges without the use of middlemen for anyone with an Ethereum wallet. It is an exciting step towards a distrustless and decentralized financial system, and its benefits have attracted a lot of interest from the right investors.

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