How Can Hyperledger Transform The Healthcare System?

December 20, 2022
hyperledger transform the healthcare system

Introduction To Hyperledger:

An open-source blockchain project called Hyperledger aims to build the structure, standards, protocols, and tools required to facilitate the creation of distributed ledgers based on blockchain technology. Several enterprise-permissioned blockchain platforms are included in hyperledger, where network users are familiar with one another and have an inherent incentive to take part in consensus-making.

Hyperledger technology ensures a combination of cross-industry knowledge to assist businesses in solving their problems successfully. This solution provider can use a variety of modular blockchain solutions and services to boost the effectiveness of their operations and business procedures.


Is Blockchain Needed In The Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare headlines filled the news in 2020 and 2021, especially after COVID-19 claimed the lives of millions of people amid the dubious-looking figures that every government wanted to present. Medical infrastructure, which controlled headlines about healthcare, gained more attention than the value of maintaining accurate information infrastructure in the healthcare ecosystem.

The majority of individuals are unable to access the present healthcare information because it is excessively fragmented, with important data scattered across numerous platforms. Anyone with access to the physical system where the current database is stored can change the data as necessary.

Furthermore, this irregular and inaccurate collection of data makes it difficult for a healthcare provider to present patients with optimal health results in real-time.

Electronic health records are based on blockchain technology, which also offers practical solutions to these problems. It provides a secure digital environment capable of storing and authenticating patient information in addition to providing open access to all healthcare data.


What Healthcare Use Cases For Blockchain Are Possible?

Several possible uses for blockchain in the healthcare sector include the ones listed below:

Use cases for blockchain in healthcare system
    1. Data Security:

Companies protecting health information have an advantage over the traditional method according to the blockchain-protected network. Data already added to the blockchain cannot be changed or removed. A new record that contains all previous entries is created even if you need to edit the data.

Additionally, each record can be accessed using a particular private key that the patient controls. The highest level of transparency and verifiability is guaranteed since each document is represented by a hash, which can be used to confirm changes made to the original hash.

    1. Health Insurance Claims:

Healthcare insurance claims are a second industry where blockchain has been specially adapted. Processing times will be sped up, fraud risk will be diminished, and time or money will be saved when its data is smoothly integrated with the blockchain network. Consequently, it is possible to handle insurance claims instantly.

    1. Supply Chain:

By enabling real-time tracking of medical supplies from producers to the final product provided to people and reducing errors in transaction remittance, blockchain integration with an organization’s supply chain can boost productivity and quality control. It can also be used to estimate the number of carbon emissions and labour expenses that are produced by supply chain operations. Another particularly well-liked use of a blockchain-based supply chain in healthcare is organ transplantation. 

    1. Medical Research:

The use of electronic health records can also benefit business research, which is another benefit. Only high-quality and easily accessible data may be used to judge if medical research is successful.

Blockchain-based ownership rights for patients can be used for research, but only if the data is subject to sufficient consent. In order to encourage medical research and public health reporting, it would allow research institutions to assemble a massive amount of open data.

In conclusion, the decentralization, data provenance, dependability, and support for smart contracts that blockchain technology offers are perfect for the development of modern healthcare systems. By introducing modularity to the ecosystem, the healthcare system built on Hyperledger Fabric goes a step further.


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Why Is Hyperledger Better In The Healthcare System?

The hyperledger system is ideal for healthcare applications because it can quickly implement a variety of privacy and security standards. It has complete control over smart contracts, which may be implemented in a number of different programming languages.

It outperforms the competition with a transaction speed of up to 3000 transactions per second, while Bitcoin and Ethereum can only process seven and fifteen transactions per second, respectively. It does not use cryptocurrencies as a motivator. It’s high transaction throughput and low transaction cost are further benefits.

When compared to other blockchain frameworks, Hyperledger Fabric is the most complete one that is currently available.


Final Words:

Coin-based models that use cryptocurrencies as incentives can be a wonderful way to involve users, but not all users in all businesses are ready to consider cryptocurrencies. A more effective solution that solves issues with the healthcare supply chain’s scalability, stability, and information security is Hyperledger.

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