How To Create DAO On Blockchain?

December 15, 2022
how to create DAO on blockchain

What Is A DAO?

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are a special kind of legal structure that has no centralised power and has members who are all devoted to acting in the organization’s best interests. DAOs have grown in favour among supporters of blockchain technology and bitcoin because they are used to make decisions in a bottom-up management approach.

It is usually governed entirely by its individual members, who get together to decide on important matters like technological advancements and treasury allocations that will affect the project’s future. Each DAO is unique, yet they all adhere to the same fundamental ideas. Each holder of the DAO governance token has a certain number of votes, which is proportional to their holdings.


Why should I build a DAO?

It is a more important advantage for any cryptocurrency project. The model’s reliance on smart contracts is the most significant factor. DAOs become less dependent on user input as a result of these on-chain pieces of code. For instance, a proposal’s results might be published on-chain and instantly result in a requested modification.

It is a practical way of structuring communities, especially if they are entirely anonymous. They are able to organise themselves effectively with assurances of honesty thanks to the aid of this technology. Compared to setting up a conventional organization, it is simpler. Finally, it is a practical and affordable solution for organizing individuals.

Be aware that a DAO will hold you responsible for its judgments. You won’t have complete control over your project after decentralizing power. Consequences are virtually always bad if government decision-making is chosen to be disregarded.


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How Can Create a DAO On Blockchain?

Step to create DAO

This is a particular kind of organisation that utilises blockchain technology. On the blockchain, there are a few crucial steps to creating this platform:

  1. The appropriate blockchain platform that facilitates its development of it must be selected in the first step. They also lay forth the organization’s goals and regulations. Ethereum, EOS, and other platforms are some of the most used for developing it.
  2. After that, you must develop a smart contract and submit it to the blockchain so that it may implement the DAO’s rules. This contract will serve as the brain that can function independently in accordance with the predetermined guidelines.
  3. Create individual accounts on the blockchain for each DAO member to register them. Members can use these accounts to communicate with the DAO and take part in decision-making.
  4. Create a voting system for suggestions and decisions after that. These may include procedures for how votes are tallied and ideas are approved or rejected with the use of this contract.
  5. Members may also suggest and decide on the activities they want the DAO to take. To make sure it is following the rules, keep an eye on its activity. 

A DAO on the blockchain requires a combination of technical talents, including writing smart contract code and designing an interface, as well as community development and marketing expertise to draw users to your DAO.



Now you understand how to build this platform, it’s time to execute your plan. DAOs assist us in establishing fundamental connections with the world and like-minded individuals. Although it was constructed with money in mind, it now resembles a community more.

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