Make Your Employees, Development Partner

October 4, 2022

In today’s world, the main question arises how do make your employees your development partner? We have seen many promoters who treat their employees just like slaves and many times they insult their employees also. This kind of promoter or business owner always passes mistakes to their employees. Whereas many promoters are actually doing great in their field and they believe that their employees are not liabilities but they are trustworthy and valuable assets to their organization.

In India, many sectors like Steel, Manufacturing, Services, etc. are currently on their way to growth. At this time the major task is to retain the employees. In this situation, the HR team always strives for it, but the organization’s leader should also take responsibility. If you want to taste the success of your organization, you should have to emphasize more Human Resources in the company. The organization’s leader should also prove that he or she is also a good HR Manager. If your employees are thinkers of growth opportunities then ultimately the growth of the company will increase and be in stable condition.

We are already seeing that there are too many organizations in the world, some are average, some are weak, and very few are fallen into the excellent category of organization. The success of any organization has the contribution of its leaders. If the leader of any organization knows the talent of their employees and tries to groom their talent and skill, will ultimately lead to success.

And it also helps in lifting the team spirit among others, even a leader should also believe that he or she is also an important part of this team. To do this, he or she should first learn about human resources than should implement it in the organization, and then it should follow the same.

We can learn how to onboard your employees as your business partner from the very known personality Mr. Anil Agarwal. He is currently the chairman of Vedant Group and he is also a good leader in his sector. He believes that risk takers can only make their organization better.

Anil Agarwal Photo

Many times we have seen that the HR Manager of any organization holds many positions in the company other than the primary role of HR and their contributions to the growth of an organization are so much more important.

Anil Agarwal believes that the promotors of a good HR Driven Company have specialized knowledge, Skills, and empathy. In the end, the organization is a group of people or we can say a group of employees. Every entrepreneur should understand that if this group is directed on the right path and in the right way then the company automatically becomes successful.

Anil Agarwal is known as the ‘Metal King’. One day he was asked about his success story and also asked how he made Vendanta a successful organization. He gave three mantras for success,

“People…People….and People”

He also added that “if you have a mindset of walking together with your own employees, and not just treating your employees only in just professional way but by counting them as Business Partners, and Company sees the growth of itself along with its employee’s growth then any entrepreneur can make his or her organization successful.”

He said that to be an entrepreneur you should first become a good HR Manager.

Anil Agarwal, Chairman of Vedanta, understands the importance of HR then the youngsters should not be ashamed for choosing Human Resources as their career. Human Resources are the demand of today’s world. Anil Agarwal believes that if the promotors of an organization keep their employee as their business partner and give them a respectful environment then every employee will start to believe the organization as their own organization.

Some Tips From Anil Agarwal,

  1. You shouldn’t see your employees as liabilities, see your employees as the assets of your company and moreover make them partners of development. If you would successfully do this then employees will surely become development partners and support you in harsh times.
  2. The way you respect your business partner make sure you also behave respectfully to each and every employee. This kind of behavior will ultimately lead your employees to take ownership of the organization.
  3. Keep in mind, Employees do not just work for the pay cheques. They also come for recognition.
  4. At last, not just employees, make sure their’s family members also become the key person in the organization. Build an atmosphere of trust among them that the company will stand beside you even in your hard times and vice versa.

    So what you have learned from this article and especially from Mr. Anil Agarwal? Share your thoughts. And stay tuned for blog posts like this and do not forget to follow Rain Infotech Private Limited
An organized and empathetic HR Manager with experience overseeing human resources duties including end-to-end recruitment process, and benefits management, and always thrives for increase employee satisfaction by advocating for expressed needs.
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