The Impact Of Blockchain On Digital Identity

March 22, 2023
Impact of blockchain on digital identity

Describe Digital Identity, and Why is Digital Identity Significant?

A digital identity is an online or networked identity that a person, organization, or electronic device gets and uses to identify a specific person. Through various communities, these users might also project several digital identities. The two main issues with digital identity management are security and privacy.

Most people assume that it only consists of personal information that is publicly available online. Even if you think only your email addresses and social media profiles make up your identity. But that’s incorrect. Your online presence includes images, shopping preferences, website usage behaviours, and bank account information. This is your digital identity.

The potential for social change efforts and the assurance of financial benefits for different communities through citizen welfare measures make the importance of digital identity evident. One such digital identity application is the National Digital Identity, or NDI, a Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative mechanism. Thanks to the NDI system, citizens’ access to e-government services would be more secure.


Existing State of Digital Identity:

For companies, individuals, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the concept of digital identity works in different ways. Before considering blockchain initiatives for this and their performance, you must be aware of the current state of digital identity.

    • Organizations:

Organizations need help managing digital identities when they acquire sensitive user data. Together with ordinary business data, some companies also keep user data. Organizations must concurrently adhere to privacy-related requirements. On the other hand, the data that is kept up in extremely secure data vaults is rarely used by businesses. As a result, businesses need help to utilise their identity management capabilities fully.

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    • Individuals:

After considering how people already use digital identity, the concept of digital identity using blockchain has gained support. For a society and its economy to function properly, identity is one of the essential and necessary components. This could promote societal and market growth if used properly for self-identification and asset ownership.

    • IoT Devices:

Identity is a relatively easy idea for companies, individuals, or Internet of Things (IoT) devices. How does blockchain for digital identification work with IoT devices? Authentication and access control tools are required for most IoT technology. In exchange for adding fundamental management features to IoT devices, security is sacrificed.


What Does Blockchain-based Digital Identity Mean?

With significant advances, blockchain can resolve critical issues with identity management. Focus is placed on crucial elements like identity management, decentralized identifiers, and embedded encryption in the Ethereum-based digital identity system. Users must sign up with a self-sovereign identity and data platform to create and register a decentralized identification.

Users can process their storage after creating a public-private key pair or store the public keys on-chain to avoid security risks. Understanding how blockchain solutions leverage digital identities requires understanding the decentralized identifier. The DID, which serves as a pseudo-anonymous identifier for a certain thing, person, or business, is secured by a private key. Owners of private keys can prove ownership or control over a specific identity.


The Efficiency of Blockchain for Digital Identity:

efficiency of blockchain for digital identity

    1. Security:

Security is one of the main elements influencing the future development of blockchain-based digital identification businesses. A blockchain uses encryption and immutable storage to preserve data. Also, it offers security through cryptography to protect digital identifying data. To ensure that digital identity is safe and easily traceable, blockchain technology can help.

    1. Privacy:

The next significant value benefit of blockchain-based digital identification is privacy since authorities promote talks about safeguarding individuals’ private and sensitive information. The efficacy of blockchain encryption and digital signatures enables “Privacy and Design”. In addition, all transactions may be made immune to change with the use of digital signatures.

    1. Integrity:

The digital identity system based on blockchain would provide flexibility in tracking each identity across all network nodes. No matter how data is shared through peer-to-peer networks, constant updates and identity checks assure its dependability.

Another way to understand the significance of “what is digital identity in blockchain” is to understand that the blockchain network does not have a single point of failure. Hence, it would be challenging for hackers to undermine the integrity of digital identification data. 

    1. Trust:

The advantages of blockchain-based digital identity systems emphasise gains in reliability as important. Blockchain-based systems track the distributed ledger’s communication information, and consensus mechanisms support cross-node data authenticity verification. Another encouraging aspect of decentralisation for digital identities is many institutions’ widespread use of national IDs.

    1. Simplicity:

Blockchain solutions for digital identities likewise show simplicity as a key benefit. Blockchain frameworks should be able to make each stakeholder’s associated processes simpler. The identity management frameworks built on blockchain may clearly define the roles of identity issuers, owners, and verifiers. 



The social and economic well-being of individuals worldwide is becoming increasingly reliant on digital identification. It is necessary for a person since it enables them to exercise their right to participate, get an education, and use banking services. Reforms are necessary, however, as seen by the issues existing systems have with identity management.

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