Why Hyperledger Indy Important For Digital Identities?

February 20, 2023
Why hyperledger indy important for digital identities

Describe Hyperledger Indy:

A sub-project of the larger Hyperledger Foundation project, backed by the Linux Foundation, is Hyperledger Indy. It is primarily a framework for a distributed ledger and decentralized identity. In fact, you may build digital identities that are founded in the blockchain or any other type of distrusted ledger using the Hyperledger Indy architecture. 

Additionally, the Hyperledger Indy structure provides many tools, libraries, reusable parts, and other resources.

The best part of this Hyperledger Indy architecture, however, is that every identity it produces is compatible with others across various domains, corporate silos, and apps.

It indicates that you can only rely on a common understanding among all of your pals.


Key Features Of It:

Key features of it
    1. Self-sovereignty:

You can observe that the framework maintained identities on a distributed ledger from the Hyperledger Indy documentation. The platform will keep certain unique artefacts for you. Basically, that platform will have an accumulator for cryptographic keys, proof of existence, and many more.

    1. Privacy:

Your full privacy will be protected on our site. Actually, this documentation outlines how it can operate without dispute with any party and how it will maintain private settings.

    1. Purpose-built:

It was built exclusively for decentralized IDs. The Hyperledger Indy documentation states that you can use the platform in any company that deals with IDs. Thus, you won’t need to go for another option or develop your own platform in order to integrate it with your industries.

    1. Resistant to Identity Correlation:

It is fully resistant to identification correlation, according to this documentation. Because of this, you won’t have to be concerned about leaving any traces between IDs. 

    1. Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs):

Without a national committee in the equation, all decentralized IDs are globally unique and resolvable. Hence, each decentralized identity on the network will have a special ID that is exclusively yours.

    1. Peer-to-peer Connection:

This platform connects users to one another. Therefore, all communication would take place between peer-to-peer. It differs from other centralized servers since, in those, the server serves as the middleman, which is actually distinct. 

    1. Zero Knowledge Argument:

You can only reveal the necessary information with zero-knowledge evidence. Therefore, you can only decide to give the information you need when you have to establish your credentials.


Why Is Hyperledger Indy Needed?

why is hyperledger indy needed

    • Management of Identities Centrally:

Let’s get check what centralized identity management has been carried out over the years. The truth is that the internet was built to connect people directly without the need for an intermediary. However, third-party intermediates started to appear as the internet started to become more private. Nowadays, it has become a fundamental part of this infrastructure. 

In general, The centralized authority has the ability to alter your content, take your data, and even utilise it for their own purposes.

Because of this, these centralized identity management systems frequently fail and can result in these problems.

    • Transparency Difficulties:

Since centralized systems lack transparency, a lot of privacy infringement issues have been growing over time. None of these sources provided proof of whether or not the user had given authorization. Furthermore, they broke all privacy laws and tracked all of their online activity to create adverts.

    • Lack of Control:

The fact that you have no control over the centralized system is another serious drawback. Your data will frequently be used in compliance with the authority’s requirements. For instance, even if you delete your account, Facebook will continue to save some information on the server.

As a result, you can never completely remove all of their data. But this is just one of the drawbacks of a centralized server strategy.

    • Theft of Identity:

All of the data you share internet is easily hackable by anyone. This problem also arises when someone steals your data and demands a hefty ransom in order to recover it. 

Any information that you don’t want to be made public, including critical company information, bank account information, or even personal files, can be included.

    • With no Global Identity:

The lack of a global record system in the centralized systems makes it difficult to apply for specific documents like passports, licences, PAN cards, etc. Therefore, each time you apply for these, the same documentation must be submitted.

In actuality, it makes the procedure difficult and time-consuming. There isn’t currently a single global authority that can authenticate all of your documents with only one ID.

    • User Identity:

After all the models were found to be ineffective, the emphasis changed to a more user-centric identity where users will have more control over the information that is disclosed. However, it was also restricted to identity registers that have the authority to withdraw access at any time.

The idea of “Self-sovereign identities” began to emerge as a result. It will put the user in control of their information rather than having it stored by organizations or other parties. But a decentralized platform is necessary for the architecture’s foundation.


Use Cases Of Hyperledger Indy:

Hyperledger Indy has potential uses for both businesses and individual users. Now let’s discuss it:

    1. Digital Documents:

You can obtain any document in digital form using this, including a passport, driving licence, certificate, etc. Another best aspect was the ability to store additional crucial documents on the network, specifically for enterprise blockchain use cases.

    1. Password-less Authentication:

It allows you to have a password-free authenticating method, which is even another great use case. This means that you can use your fingerprint or another kind of biometric authentication from your mobile device to log in to a secure site at a time when passwords are so much easier to guess.

    1. Age Restrictions:

Nowadays, the internet has developed into a place where everyone can access anything. Without controls, people can sometimes misuse information. Because of this, age restrictions on websites, devices, and services help them operate more effectively.

    1. Alert to Vulnerability:

Developers can officially sign software they create before putting it on the market using Hyperledger Indy usage cases. Consequently, a user can determine whether the software is authentic or not. In essence, malicious copy software allows hackers to access a user’s device.

    1. Employment Inspection: 

With the use of a decentralized ID, businesses may quickly perform a background check when recruiting a new employee. Therefore, if the employee indicates that he or she has prior experience or the appropriate certification, it will be linked to their ID.

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    1. Worldwide Access:

You can go anywhere with this technology and a single ID. That implies that they can use your ID to confirm your credentials even if you travel abroad. Therefore, you can reuse your ID anywhere you are authorised to go rather than receiving a new one when you travel to another nation or region.

    1. A Compromise Decentralized Identity’s Recovery:

You can recover your identity if you lose it for some reason. But before you can ask for an identity provider, you must have documents proving your identity. In actuality, the identity provider will have access to every record on the ledger, allowing you to compare your credentials and obtain your ID once more.



The aim of Hyperledger Indy is to solve all identity-related problems. The number of people who lack even identification is staggering. Many people are unable to take advantage of a country’s amenities as a result. But issuing them an ID will be a lot simpler with decentralized identities. 

We recommend getting in touch with us directly if you’re curious and want to learn more about various blockchain technology. Rain Infotech Private Limited offers blockchain and decentralized solutions for businesses. You may get the best development services from a talented team of developers, and you can use blockchain technology to safeguard your company’s transactions.

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