How Can NFTs Be Used In DeFi (Decentralized Finance)?

January 20, 2023
how can NFTs be used in DeFi

What Do DeFi And NFTs Mean?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique ways to store value like a gold coin or a dollar bill, are linked to a particular asset in order to determine its value. Non-fungible tokens cannot be identical since replacing or copying them is difficult. A financial system based on blockchain technology is referred to as having a decentralized finance system (DeFi). Many public blockchain networks, such as Ethereum blockchain technology, may be helpful for the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.

DeFi enables the possibility for decentralized finance administration using a variety of built-in mechanisms like cryptocurrencies, oracles, and smart contracts. According to their definitions, NFT and DeFi are related in some way.


How Does NFT Help In DeFi?

    1. Limited Supply:

There can be an unending stream of NFTS with the same value propositions. Instead, they ought to cap everything, including customer interaction in sales, sports highlight clips, and a virtual cat.

    1. The Underlying Scarcity:

Whichever cap is chosen, it must be verifiable. The remaining NFTs and their owners must always be identified. Utilising a blockchain will allow for this.

    1. Unique:

NFTs are a specific type of artwork, unlike bitcoin. Every NFT token is unique. Based on NFT as similar to a movie or concert ticket, they give access to a specific individual. Even if your concert ticket was stolen, the new bearer must prove their identity to enter the event.

    1. Utilization Particular:

An NFT can only be acquired for one purpose, such as attending a party or listening to music; you cannot use it to buy a cup of coffee. 


Using NFTs For Decentralized Finance:

The combination of NFT decentralized finance and the ability to reflect the monetisation of digital items and services makes it immediately useful. NFT has evolved as one of the DeFi system’s most promising applications. For instance, ERC-20 tokens have been used by Ethereum to represent digital assets. NFT might effectively be used to verify ownership rights in digital art. For creators to publish their work and interact with a community of collectors, Ethereum has emerged as one of the top options. Let’s examine the various ways NFT can be applied to DeFi.

using NFTs For Decentralized Finance
    1. Solving the Collateralization Problem:

The capability to unlock value is one of the most significant aspects of the NFT in the DeFi combination. It might be challenging to put together the procedures for figuring out the worth of NFTs at that point. The lender may use NFTs to determine the decentralized finance collateralisation amount. The borrower would ask for a loan amount together with the NFT to serve as collateral.

The rapid resolution of the collateralization issue may be made possible by the use of DeFi with NFT. It’s also essential crucial to pay attention to the market liquidity issues. Regarding liquidity, the art and collections are quite individualised. In this case, they may concentrate on using NFT artwork and collectables as collaterals in the DeFi leading problem.

    1. Addressing the Curve Model’s Concerns:

The next significant point regarding applying NFT in DeFi relates to how these two instruments function to address the curve model problem. The curve model is created with liquidity distribution along the entire curve in mind. However, The curve model of DeFi also predicts a significant buildup of liquidity without any returns for the provider. However, the NFT DeFi combination has enabled liquidity providers to choose the desired custom pricing levels. 

Liquidity providers could assess their capital and deal with liquidity generation in the curve model. In addition to reducing downside risk, liquidity providers can once more increase exposure to preferred assets.

    1. NFT Ownership and the Effect on DeFi:

The NFT has enabled ownership rights and financial benefits for unique creators. Even the owners of NFTs can earn a reliable share of the streaming revenue or resale value of their work. Furthermore, the maintenance of verifiable earnings through NFTs also offers an effective collateral feature. 

Additionally, it may make under-collateralized loans easier, which would not be possible without using NFT in DeFi. The monetization of collectables and works of art through NFTs has evolved into a significant element of the excitement around NFTs. 


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The verifiability of ownership is among the most crucial aspects of NFT applications in DeFi. The ability of NFT to assign value to nearly anything is crucial to understand. DeFi, on the other hand, aids in revealing the value of a specific asset. NFT loans are progressively gaining popularity, and the expansion of NFT in DeFi would portend more advancements in the future.

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