What Is KnownOrigin NFT?

March 1, 2023
what is knownorigin NFT?

Basic Concept Of KnownOrigin NFT:

KnownOrigin serves the NFT marketplace. It is one of the initial marketplaces for non-fungible tokens. One of the notable aspects of the KnownOrigin marketplace is the platform’s focus on the sale of digital art.

Artists can mint tokens in addition to editions, identify partners to split fees with, and list tokens with a variety of auction types, prices, and other specifications. In addition, the KnownOrigin NFT basics for beginners would also mention the option for offering tokens on the platform.

KnownOrigin provides more extensive features that assist artists and develop talent based on its platform because it is focused on the arts. For instance, in order to be considered for an artist profile, applicants must submit a portfolio and a summary of their work.


How a KnownOrigin NFT Marketplace Operates?

Furthermore, a detailed explanation of knownOrigin NFT’s working is provided. It emphasizes focus on the capability of discovering, gathering, and investing in rare digital artwork. Artists and collectors can use both the main custom marketplace and the secondary market, in addition to other important features.

How knownorigin nft marketplace operates

  • Editions:

Edition uses the minting-on-demand method and consists of a set quantity of tokens. The KnownOrigin NFT edition does not require that all of the tokens be created right away.

The main benefit of editions in KnownOrigin is the reduction in gas expenses. The number of tokens in an edition could not be increased by creators after it had been established. The edition supply could be reduced by creators by burning unsold tokens, however, to control the price. Despite having a unique ERC-721 token ID for each NFT in a KnownOrigin edition, they all have identical information.

  • Metadata Storage:

The metadata of NFTs, which describes specific non-fungible token specifications, is an important aspect of KnownOrigin NFTs. Basic metadata features for digital art include things like name, description, and features like format, rarity, asset type, and year of creation.

Several notable types of metadata for KnownOrigin tokens are kept on-chain. Moreover, this market respects to OpenSea metadata standards, allowing for the inclusion of more fields as required. Even the amount of metadata associated with newly minted non-fungible tokens changes over time. For metadata fields, which have improved over time to include additional attributes.

Interplanetary File System, or IPFS, is used by KnownOrigin for the storing of NFT-related material and metadata. IPFS offers a peer-to-peer network for the storage and exchange of data in distributed file systems.

  • Use of Subgraph in KnownOrigin:

The NFT marketplace makes use of the Subgraph data availability layer to streamline abstractions for platform complexity. A data availability layer is provided by The Graph network for an improved user and developer experience. Additionally, it discloses the aspects of the several types of each KnownOrigin token created and used on the network. A few of the main domain objects that Subgraph abstracts are edition, token, information, collector, and artist.


How To Utilize KnownOrigin?

  • Artists:

The marketplace application process must be accomplished by anyone who wants to use the KnownOrigin platform. Artists must present a portfolio that lists all of their prior work. In addition, artists can only join the KnownOrigin NFT platform if they can convincingly establish how they will benefit the KnownOrigin community. This marketplace allows the addition of artists to the platform in weekly batches and follows a thorough verification and approval process.

  • Buyers:

Buyers can join the KnownOrigin NFT marketplace by associating their wallets to the system, just as other NFT markets built on the Ethereum blockchain. The wallet accepts ETH for the purchase of valuable digital art. Moreover, customers can acquire NFTs from KnownOrigin using associated credit or debit cards. Buyers have the option to acquire NFTs directly or conduct auctions on the platform, depending on the type of NFT sale.


Advantages Of KnownOrigin:

The NFT marketplace is constantly working with its community of artists to provide a platform that promotes excellence in the field of digital art. The visible advantages for artists using KnownOrigin are listed below.

Advantages of knownorigin

    1. Cost-Effective Smart Contracts:

One of the significances of the KnownOrigin token marketplaces refers to cost-efficient smart contracts. The NFT marketplace ensures the effective use of gas fees and credit card interoperability with smart contracts. As a result, the platform presents simpler and more affordable ways to develop into successful NFT artists. Artists might focus on their art while allowing smart contracts to solve the details without the need for outside parties.

2. Royalty Guidelines for Creators:

The NFT market’s abrasive royalty standards are another visible advantage of KnownOrigin. One to five collaborators may receive various royalties from the creator. For a KnownOrigin NFT example, common royalty models include atypical, decaying, upgradeable, dynamic, controlled, and graduated approaches.

Reducing royalties would grow more frequent when the NFT’s ownership is altered. Dynamic royalties change based on the period or volume of sales. Owners can change the terms and proportion of an upgradeable royalty to match their desires. Governed royalty approaches use DAOs that set and control the royalties. If there were stepped royalties, the price of the NFT transaction would determine how much the royalty would be.

3. Easily Operable Artist Tools:

The access to new artist tools on the KnownOrigin NFT platform is another newsworthy feature. The artist tools provide you more flexibility to make NFT artwork that is web3-ready. Most importantly, in order to use the features of the KnownOrigin marketplace, developers do not need to understand the technical aspects of developing smart contracts.

4. Composable:

With the KnownOrigin platform, composable non-fungible tokens enable producers to integrate more digital assets into their NFT works. 100 WHALE tokens were included in the KnownOrigin NFT example of the Composable NFT artwork, which increased the value of the NFT. To increase involvement with collectors, artists can also incorporate their unique social tokens into valuable NFT artworks.

5. Unusual Sales Approaches:

On the KnownOrigin marketplace, there are special ways for creators to get the best price for their work, like stepped sales and 24-hour reserve auctions. By selling each piece of art in an edition, stepped sales may give a step-wise increase in the price of NFTs.

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6. Early Access Sales:

Also, there are early access sales in this marketplace. Creators were able to obtain the resources they needed to advance their long-term careers as NFT artists in addition to selling their works of art. so, expanding the potential for establishing dedicated followers.

Their help also assists artists in choosing particular wallet addresses for early access to their collections. Several ways are available for creators to choose wallet addresses for early access sales. The Proof of Attendance protocol holders can all be specified by creators, or they can upload a CSV file with their chosen digital wallets.


Final Thoughts:

The KnownOrigin NFT marketplace is predicted to become a significant player in the web3 ecosystem, according to the overview of the marketplace. With an increasing community, KnownOrigin is a dedicated NFT marketplace for unique digital artwork. Additionally, the promise of decentralised metadata storage, a variety of auction formats, and support for ERC-721 token standards all ensure creators will benefit from potential value advantages.

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